Oulu Artists Association is a professional association of visual artists operating in the Oulu region. It has been an advocate of artists in the area since 1963 and promotes visual art in the Oulu region, Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu. It also provides artists with the services they need in their profession. Oulu Artists Association aims to increase public interest in the visual arts, participate in various cultural events and collaborate with other organizations. The association organizes exhibitions, events and courses. It strives to influence the decision-making process of the national artists' unions by giving exceeding consideration to the position and operating conditions of the artist in Northern Finland.

We maintain a space for art exhibitions at Galleria 5 in the center of Oulu, at Hallituskatu 5. (http://galleria5.artoulu.fi/)  The artotheque and art shop ARTo and ARTtila are located in the same premises.

ARTo - Art Rental Shop

Oulu Artists Association runs an art rental shop where artworks can be rented with monthly payments. If You want to buy that particular artwork, any previous payments are reduced from the total price. Artworks currently in the art rental shop can be seen on ARTo's website. http://arto.artoulu.fi/

Visiting address:
Hallituskatu 5

Postal address:
P.O. Box 42
90015 Oulu
tel: +358 (0)44 313 3163
ouluntaiteilijaseura [ät] gmail.com