Christelle Mas "Réalité 2.0"

Mas, Christelle

Christelle Mas`s and Anni Arffmans shared exhibition.

Opening 24.10  at 18 o'clock

Christelle Mas’s art remains on the fringes of fiction. Her photographs induce doubt in the viewer as to the reality of the image, and highlight the medium’s lack of reliability. Her artwork originate often from popular science and from studying medical and mechanical imagery. Her starting point is therefore in science, but during the process fictitious truths become a reflection of her own inner world. “In Wild Lands photographs I re-examine nature and focus on seeing inside it with long-focus lens. Usually I note some interesting places to photograph. Then I experiment in situ by staging the scene with small installations created especially for the purpose to be photographed. My photographs are the result of a one shot. I'm interested in the wild forms of nature. The forest is a place of legends and fantasies, of fears and imagination. The forest is the other face of the world, resistant, wild and obscure, between utopia and dystopia. » 

Anni Arffman is zooming into a moment that exposes something that is hidden when you look at the human in a motion as a whole. Newspaper pictures of athletes offer a great opportunity to witness this kind of macro moment. The entire body expresses all kinds of big emotions that we wouldn’t see without a camera because the moment is so fleeting. Arffman exaggerates this emotion even further and changes the situation into a more transcendental one.  X-rays give a glimpse of other kinds of hidden layers of human.  As well as x-rays Arffman’s paper cuts become visible only with a strong backlight. Anni Arffman has always been interested in representing humans and something that is hidden under the obvious surface. She has, for example painted multi layered portraits of humans in an attempt to express what is happening behind the facade. 

Christelle Mas (FR, 1984) has worked in Paris and in Helsinki and now lives in Oulu in North Ostrobotnia of Finland. Christelle Mas´s works have been exhibited in Finnish and international group and solo exhibitions. She works with photography, drawings and also does installations. Her works are in private collections and in the public collections of the Art Museums of Oulu and Kemi in Finland    

Anni Arffman (FIN, 1985) is currently working and living in Oulu, Finland. Her work has been shown in variety of galleries and museums in Finland and abroad. Her pieces are in the collections of the city of Oulu and Oulu Art Museum and she is also working with a public paper cut piece that is going to be set in the new hospital of the city of Kajaani in 2019.